5 Ways To Win A New Client and Beat the Competition


Want to be a winner at sales? Yes!

Anyone who is in sales will tell you they often hit road blocks when they are prospecting for new a new client;
however, road blocks are not necessarily a block, but merely an obstacle which can easily be maneuvered around.

The following is a list of 5 obstacles we all have encountered along with solutions to help guide you around the road blocks.

  1. Loyalty to another competitor: When we do business with someone long enough we begin to feel loyal to them thus causing us not to be interested in making a switch. Our first reaction when we are approached by another competitor is to we say how long we have been using someone and immediately begin giving reasons why we are not interested in changing. Right here, this opens dialogue for the sales person to make their move. From here ask the business if their current company has offered them any new ideas recently or have come up with new ways. Most importantly, assure them they are under no obligation to purchase from you. This begins trust building.
  2. The Cost Factor: When businesses express to you your rates are too high what they really are saying is they do not see the value you are offering.  Avoid slashing your rates at all cost and instead breakdown the benefits you offer and show them percentages, statistics, comparisons, etc.  Next, ask about the businesses budget and suggest alternative products or services best suited for their budget. There is nothing wrong with starting on the conservative side and growing your clients business with them.
  3. The Blow Off:  If someone has time to tell you they are too busy right now, they obviously had enough time to tell you this information which means they left a door open for you to call or comeback at a later time. From here research the business to find out what projects they are working on, products or services they are in the process of launching. From here you want to tailor your contact with the business in way showing them you know what’s going on in their world and how you can help free up some of their time. After all, time is money! Besides learning more about their business it is important to make connections with others in their business. Build a relationship with more than one person at the business and this will help ease your foot into the door as the more people you have relationships with the greater referrals you build.
  4. Lack of Value: If the business does not understand how you can help them, see the benefits, you need to help educate them to have a better understanding of what your intentions are, how you plan to help them, and make sure your goals align with the businesses goals.
  5. The Last Shoes Failed: So you stepped into another person’s position and your new target business is the same one the prior person failed to win over. Going into a situation where there was failure or bad blood is very difficult, but is overturn able. Always begin by apologizing; never make excuses, and avoid rationalizing. Take responsibility and admit to the reason or reasons why something failed and explain the ball won’t be dropped again. The fact you are taking responsibility when it was beyond your control gives you credibility with the business.  Share testimonials of your products or services given by other businesses and show new products or services you are offering. This will help soften your business and trust will begin to be built.

While these 5 ways are not 100% guaranteed ways to win over every obstacle with a business, they are proven to be effective.

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