Factors of Online Business Reputation Management

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Online Business Reputation Management

 is being aware of what is being said about your business online.  It seems like it could be a minor situation and you may think to yourself it is only a couple of negative reviews, but it can impact a business with long term consequences and it doesn’t matter the type of business or the industry.  A negative reputation can intern affect your sales, potential business and growth.  Some businesses think you can ignore the good, the bad and the ugly of what is being said being said about the business… your business.

However, the internet is very important in many aspects of our daily lives and it impacts our business reputation.  Even the simplest of conversations on social sites can have an extreme impact on businesses, as many believe what they read on the internet and most will not take the time to find out the truth.  Yes, there are even those who don’t put truthful things about a business in a review, like a jealous competitor, someone who wanted a freebie and didn’t get it, and the list goes on.  We remember the bad things said, long after the good things said are forgotten.  This is sad, but true!  Instantaneously due to all the digital media in our daily lives, it is readily available to share our thoughts about businesses and it can seem minor to the person who shared their thoughts, but can have a great impact on a business’s reputation.

Online reputation management in today’s world is a necessity, not a luxury.  It is important to monitor everything about your business, as competition is high and potential customers are educated and more aware than ever of a business’s reputation. In an instant, reviews can make or break a potential sale before that potential customer even picks up the phone to call or walk through the door of your business.  It is very imperative to address any negative reviews immediately, no matter how minor they may seem.  This should be a part of your marketing strategy and monitored on a regular consistent basis. Consumers who take to the internet expect a response within an hour or less when they have a concern.  If a business doesn’t respond in a timely manner, it can have lasting consequences on that business reputation.

Businesses put a lot of time, effort and money into building their brand.  Your business can have a great website, the site has been optimized, organically your business is on the top of the rankings on Google and other search engines, but if you have negative reviews that have not been addressed, all the digital marketing doesn’t mean anything, if you have a bad reputation.

This principle applies to businesses, whether they are small, medium or large.  Yes, it is not just the large businesses that have to worry about reputation management.   A business’s reputation is very valuable for short and long term growth.

What are they saying about your business?

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