Realtors Guide to Social Media

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Social Media Impacts Realtors

So you are a realtor and think you can sell a listing based on your experience and word of mouth alone? The truth is, you need social media as well as experience to convince a buyer to purchase from you or a seller to entrust their listing with you. Successful realtors are the ones using social media to boost their images, create trust, build relationships, increase sales, and differentiate themselves from their competition. These savvy agents use social media to hold online property tours, feature their experience, provide valuable information, and schedule showings.

It is estimated that 84% of all real estate agents are using social media to build their business with only 55% of them feeling confident and comfortable using online tools. The top three social media sites mostly widely used by agents are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The challenge though most agents have when it comes to using social channels, is time to manage their profiles, frequently update content, and keep connections alive, while staying on top of their business.

Postling conducted a study which shows that “73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a realtor offering to do video, yet only 12% of the real estate industry currently has YouTube accounts”. The same study revealed that 45% of buyers toured a home they viewed online while only 21% of buyers went on a home tour based on driving by a property.

IPad, Android, IPhone, and Windows have “FREE” mobile apps for Realtors helping them to be more connected. For instance the IPhone app gives agents instant access to over 3 million homes for sale, shows where homes are listed in the area, where open houses are being conducted, every 15 minutes property information is being updated, the app syncs with your account, and most of all, you can tag notes and reviews privately per each listing helping you to remember each property.

Be social, informative, invaluable, and different, as this will help in your real estate success!

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