Social Networking Commercial Examples

Lights, Camera, Action! You have taken the leap from virtual social networking to live and in person social networking, which is great when it comes to balancing social relationships. The real difference between virtual and in person is the face to face interaction, which for some this can be intimidating …

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Realtors Guide to Social Media

Social Media Impacts Realtors So you are a realtor and think you can sell a listing based on your experience and word of mouth alone? The truth is, you need social media as well as experience to convince a buyer to purchase from you or a seller to entrust their listing …

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The Social Voice

  Social Media gives voice to everyone out there who wants to let it be known how they feel or what their opinions are on products, services, or on particular brands. Businesses focus their attention to the online viral buzz through monitoring social sites to learn what people are saying …

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Rules Of Networking


Networking whether it is through the internet or done at hosted in person events has etiquette rules which successful networkers follow. When we hear the term networker many of us tend to visualize fast talking, contact information pushing wheeler and dealers. The fact is those who take this approach are …

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Loyal Customer and Long Term Relationships

Listening, Learning, and Sharing

Some people who don’t think social media relationship building is a winner are not using social media for their business correctly, nor do they understand the value in social networking. Social media is the art of listening, learning and sharing. It is not about your children or other family members …

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Google+ or Not to Google+

Google + has once again stepped up to prove its value to the world by creating Google Plus. Google+ is similar to the ever popular Facebook, in which it is a social network offering up to date information on what’s happening and just like Face book, Google+ is both easy …

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